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16:00 - 16:45
Creative Technology

Reykjavík City Library’s 2023 Christmas Song | Results

Friday December 8th 2023

A festive ceremony in Úlfarsárdalur where the jury will announce the author of the Reykjavík City Library's 2023 Christmas Song. Afterwards, the song will be premiered for our guests.

The jury consists of three companions of the library. First of all we have Hildur Björgvinsdóttir, project manager at the Communications and Innovation Department of the City Library. Hildur has many talents, she learned how to play the piano as a child and made an old dream come true by starting the cello in her early twenties. She has also sung in choirs and loves going to good concerts.

Secondly we have Þorgrímur Þorsteinsson, a specialist at the City Library in Úlfarsárdalur, and one of the two sound engineers in charge of the recording studio there. Þorgrímur has a broad musical background rooted both in jazz guitar playing and a Bachelor degree in Creative Music Communications from the Iceland University of the Arts. Þorgrímur went on to complete further studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen and graduated from RDAM Tonmeister department in 2020.

Last but not least, Jón Ólafsson, chairman of the jury, who is well known to Icelanders for his work in music and the media. Jón is a member of the band Nýdönsk, and has written quite a few songs that are widely popular in Iceland. Furthermore he hosts a radio show on Rás 2 and works as the executive director of the Association of Composers and Lyricists in Iceland.

 Þorgrímur Þorsteinsson, Jón Ólafsson og Hildur Björgvinsdóttir


We encourage everyone to attend, listen and feel the true spirit of Christmas.

Gingerbread and hot cocoa will be served.

You can read more about the Reykjavík City Library's 2023 Christmas Song here.


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Everyone is welcome!


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