Verkið Í fjörunni IV eftir Gíslínu Dögg Bjarkadóttur
Verkið Í fjörunni IV eftir Gíslínu Dögg Bjarkadóttur

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The Nail | Í fjörunni IV

Monday May 6th 2024 - Thursday August 8th 2024

A new art-piece is now exhibited on The Nail in Sólheimar City Library. The piece is called Í fjörunni IV and is made by Gíslína Dögg Bjarkadóttir. María Þórðardóttir specialist in Sólheimar City Library chose the art-piece this time.


The Nail is an art exhibition at Sólheimar City Library where only one art-piece is showcased at any given time. This is the 21st piece to be exhibited on The Nail. All pieces showcased are provided by the Artótek.


Gíslína graduated in textile and fashion design from The Iceland university of the arts and she also has a teacher certification in arts. Many of her pieces are inspired by women, especially the anonymous and invisible women who made history, art and life itself, but have been forgotten through the years. Gíslína has also let nature take a part in her work as well as playing with patterns. The patterns are based on old patterns by Sigurður Guðmundsson, and can be seen on the Icelandic national costume so they have strong connections to the women of the past which are important in Gíslína’s work. Her work is diverse and she has used various techniques in it but recently graphic has been prominent.


The piece can be bought or rented, with the opportunity of ownership once the rent has reached the sales price. The buyer (or rentee) of the piece ‘Í fjörunni III can select the next art-piece, from the Artótek, to be showcased on The Nail.


This painting can be rented for 3.000 kr. a month or bought for 98.000 kr.


For further information on the Artótek, the artist or the painting visit the Artótek's website at:


For more information contact:

Lísbet Perla Gestsdóttir | s. 411 6160


Hólmfríður Gunnlaugsdóttir | s. 411 6112