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Children's Culture Festival | Language flowers

Tuesday April 23rd 2024 - Sunday April 28th 2024

Data art 

Location: glass wall by the stairs, 2nd floor

This year a project was launched by the City of Reykjavík which aims to transform services for multilingual children in Reykjavík. 

 The main objective of the project is to support multilingual children and their families and to strengthen Icelandic language skills. Extensive user consultation took place during the project, which included discussions with a number of children, families, teachers and other stakeholders. 

 One part of the project was a workshop with 120 children in 4th grade. There, the children answered questions about language, validation, and attitudes. For each question, the children were given different shapes to answer and form language flowers from them. Each color and shape in the language flowers represent different answers to the questions, so each flower is open for interpretation. 

 The exhibition is part of the Children's Culture Festival and takes place in Grófin from 23-28 April. The exhibition is closed on the first day of summer, April 25th. 

Children's Culture Festival Program


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Embla Vigfúsdóttir, graphic designer