The Circular Economy at the library

Libraries are by nature a part of the circular economy and the Reykjavik City Library has a strong environmental policy. Therefore we welcome all circuits at the library, in different forms. Here's a part of the library's activities that falls under the Circular Economy.


Hringrásarsafnið | Borrow useful items

Hringrásarsafnið is a project in cooperation with Munasafn - Reykjavík Tool Library. We have self-checkout systems in some of our libraries where you can borrow all sorts of useful tools and items - the variety in the cupboards changes regularly. Further information here.  


Swap Markets

Our Swap Markets are ever so popular, no matter what is up for grabs. Among of the things put out on the table at Reykjavík City Library are toys, plants, Christmas ornaments, home decor and artand more. (Here you can read an interview with one of the library managers about the swap markets in Sólheimar Library)


Written off books

At our libraries you can often find written off books for free or a small fee. We love the thought of them being read still, even though we need to clear space in our shelves. (Sometimes they're used for various arts and crafts workshops.)

And don't forget that the act of reading is very environmentally friendly - especially library books!



Seed Library

Seed Library is a project in process at the Reykjavík City Library, the concept can be found at various libraries abroad. Guests can "borrow" seeds for growing, returning the seeds from the plant that grows. That way we help our microenvironment growing sturdy plants. More on that later!


and much more ...

Reykjavík City Library's policy is to always look for ways to become more green and environmentally friendly and we want that to be reflected in our events and activities. Among our regular events we can name Fabrication held in Spöngin library and Árbær library, where participants are invited to a cosy time, where they can be creative and make something beautiful. The facilitators will bring ideas how we can reuse and reinvent with different materials. 

For those interested in dumpster diving there's an event on that topic in Gerðuberg library in the beginning of October.


Would you like to make a difference in the Circular Economy? 

If you're enthusiastic when it comes to protection of the environment and the circular economy - and have an idea for an event or a collaboration, don't hesititate to contact us and we will look into it!