Our facilities

Torgið (The Square) – first floor is a multipurpose facility where library guests can study, work on group projects, have meetings, sit down and relax, flip through magazines and books, meet people, and pursue their hobbies. It’s possible to reserve Torgið for private events, but library events always take precedence. When Torgið is not reserved, guests are welcome to use the space as they please. Guests are welcome to rearrange the furniture according to their needs, but they must return everything to its proper place when they’re finished using the space. 

Bókatorg (Book Square) – first floor is a bright, cosy area where guests can seek inspiration in the newest books and other interesting material that we have on display, typically in connection with current events. Bókatorg is ideal for events, such as receptions, concerts, and presentations. The room is 64 m2, open and bright, with tall ceilings. 

Kompan – podcast studio – second floor is a small recording studio where guests who have a library card can record their own podcast episodes or other spoken words. Book the postcast studio here

Makerspace – second floor is located in front of Kompan. Guests are welcome to experiment with all kinds of fun equipment. The library also hosts various workshops there, so keep an eye on our events if you want to sign up for them.  

Ljóðatorg (Poetry Square) – fifth floor is perfect for small events, such as readings, small receptions, or presentations. The space also has a hammock for those who just want to take it easy. 

On the fifth floor, it’s also possible to study in peace and quiet with a view of the ocean and mountain Esja on the horizon.  


Exhibitions and events

Artists can apply to exhibit their work or put on an event: Exhibition application, Event application.

The Reykjavik City Library exhibition committee meets regularly to review and respond to applications. The exhibition committee reserves the right to define and shape library exhibitions based on the focus of the events calendar at the time, and it accepts applicants accordingly. The library directors review event applications.

Hringur – second floor

Exhibitions are held in an alcove on the second floor. Works are clamped to a wire that is strung from the ceiling.

Kamesið – fifth floor

This small space on the fifth floor is well suited for films, micro-exhibitions, smaller meetings or presentations that require a computer and a projector. It’s also great for guests who want to meet up and study.
Size: 12.6 m2 | 12 seats 

See an overview The Reykjavik City Library facilities. 

For more information, contact Barbara Guðnadóttir, the director at Grófin: barbara.gudnadottir@reykjavik.is