The Extraordinary Story Workshop | Ages 9-12

This club is available in Reykjavik City Library Grófin every other Tuesday from 15.30 -17.00 and Spöngin every other Tuesday from 15.30-17.00.

First meeting in Spöngin will be on the 5th of September

First meeting in Grófin will be on the 12th of September

The Extraordinary Story Workshop is a creative club for 9–12-year-old children that want to write and (or) illustrate stories.

  • Learn to get ideas and put them down on paper.
  • Learn how to express funny and exciting stories with both words and pictures.
  • Meet other children that share this interest.

We will open up for registration on the 15th of August on

The Extraordinary Story Workshop is an encouraging environment for children that wants to write and illustrate. This club is an open and creative space for children, where they will be given projects which they solve in their own way. The main goal is for participants to enjoy the creative process and to learn new and different way to write stories. In the end of the semester, the children will choose texts and illustrations that they have worked on and publish a magazine.

The instructors:

Eva Rún Þorgeirsdóttir is an author and writes books and TV manuscripts for children. She has written books about the Santa Claus Stúfur, the exciting series about Lukka and the meditation book Ró. She has also worked as an manuscript writer and TV producer for KrakkaRÚV.

Eva Rún won an Edda in 2022 in the children and youth category for her audio book Sögur fyrir svefninn.

Blær Guðmundsdóttir is an illustrator, children´s book author and a graphic designer. She has illustrated many books for children. In the year of 2019, she wrote and illustrated her first children´s book Sipp, Sippsippanipp og Sippsippanippsippsúrumsipp – systurnar sem ætluðu sko ekki að giftast prinsum.

Blær also won an FÍT award for her debut and also got nominated to Reykjavik City Children Books Award in the illustration category.

We'll meet these days: 
Spöngin: 5th of September, 19th of September, 3rd of October, 17th of October, 31st of October , 14th of November and 28th of November
Grófin: 12th of September, 26th of September, 10th of October, 24th of October, 7th of November , 21st of November and 5th of December

For further information about the club please contact:
Guðrún Elísa Ragnarsdóttir, specialist | 411 6145