Accessibility | Kléberg Library

Public Transport 

Busses nr. 29 og 57 stop nearby the library. For further information:

Car Parking and Entrance 

We recommend using the entrance which is on the same side of the building as the swimming pool. There are plenty of parking and convenient access for all.  

Baby Carriages 

You can store baby carriages or strollers by the entrance but there is also a space for them inside, near the library.  


There is a toilet next to the library, accessible for all.  

A Place to Eat 

The library is small and is inside a school building and therefore we cannot offer a place to eat indoors. But there are many beautiful, cozy places around Kléberg where you can sit down, when the weather allows, and eat your food. It’s possible to get a glass of water at the library.  

Acoustics and Lighting 

Inside the library there is a mild fluorscent lighting, the windows let in the daylight and we use the sunscreens when needed. The acoustics are good but of course you will notice when the cheerful kids at Kléberg School come together in the corridors during their breaks.  

Guide dogs are welcome 


For further information, please contact: 

Elva Dís Stefánsdóttir, Specialist at Reykjavik City Library Kléberg | 411 6275