Accessibility | Árbær Library

Public Transport 

Busses nr. 5 (bus stop: Hábær), 16 (bus stop: Hraunás) and 18 (bus stop: Stuðlaháls) are close to the library. For further information:

Bicycle Parking 

There are 5 bicycle racks in front the building.  

Car Parking and Entrance 

We are located on the second floor of the Shopping Centre at Hraunbær 119. The entrance is in front of the parking space on the south side of the building. General parking is in front of the Shopping Center and the disabled parking is near the entrance. Parking is free. There is a ramp between the parking space and the pavement. Push a button to open the door and there is no threshold. You can take an elevator or the stairs up to the library. The service desk is visible when you enter the library and our staff is always there to assist you. We encourage all who can to use sustainable transport choices.

Baby Carriages 

You are welcome to bring your children in carriages or strollers. The best place to park them is in the middle corridor to the right when you enter the library. We have a spacious terrace where children in carriages can take a nap.  


WC for people with disabilities are located to the right when you enter the library. There you find a baby changing station. ATH með önnur almenn salerni og merkingar 

A Place to Eat  

There is free coffee, tea and water for all our users. You are all welcome to bring your own food or snack to eat at the library.  

Acoustics and Lighting  

The public libraries are places for people to meet up and socialize  and are therefore often quite busy. We often have school visits and we offer all kinds of events during the week. Despite that there are more quiet times and possible to find a cozy spot and dive into your reading, work or school projects. The acoustics in the library are good but the space is open and sound travels easily around. Beeping sounds can be heard from the self-service machines. Fluorscent lights are in the ceilings. Led light decorations are in the windows during the darkest months of the year.   

Guide dogs are welcome


For further information, please contact:  

Katrín Guðmundsdóttir, Library Manager | 411 6250