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Opið samtal | Supporting Literacy - Lesum Saman

Monday March 11th 2024

The importance of children’s literacy and the impact of literacy on opportunities in life is undisputed. Icelandic children’s reading comprehension has been on the decline in the last decade, but the most significant decline has been over the last years, as the latest PISA survey demonstrated.

The Ministry of Education and Children believes that the task ahead is for organizations, governments and local authorities to work together and find ways to respond. But how can this be best achieved and is the access of smaller organizations to such cooperation with authorities open?  

We invite Noemí Cubas, the founder and project manager of Lesum saman, to open an open conversation on what essential components are needed to successfully launch a reading project like Lesum saman in all schools across the country, ensuring its positive impact on our community? The aim of the project is to strengthen social connections and literacy among children whose native language is not Icelandic. Which stakeholders are important and how can the library support this development? 

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All welcome, no participation fee. 

Further information on the project Lesum saman
Noemí Cubas 
Founder and Coordinator of Lesum saman 

Further information on Opið samtal
Dögg Sigmarsdóttir 
Project Manager | Civic Participation