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Michelle opens Samskrifa Writing Space | Stofan

Tuesday October 26th 2021

Michelle Spinei opens her personal version of Stofan - A Public Living Room:

Samskrifa Writing Space

Samskrifa is a space for writers of all kinds- with all levels of experience and all languages, to get together and write.
The hardest part of writing is finding time, free from distractions to work on your craft.

Michelle will start the first conversation at her Stofan and invites to an open space to write in. 

All welcome!

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About Stofan
Once a month a new version of Stofan - A Public Living Room is created. A partner designs a temporary space, pics a topic and chooses who to start a conversation with.

Further information:
Dögg Sigmarsdóttir
Project manager – Civic Participation