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20:00 - 21:15

INSIGHT | Living and Dying in Poetry

Wednesday October 12th 2022

Poets meet at the library with poetic fire in their back pockets and talk about inspiration and the material in their books released this year: Þykjustuleikarnir by Anton Helgi Jónsson, Við lútum höfði fyrir því sem fellur by Alda Björk Valdimarsdóttir and Skepna í eigin skinni by Hrafnhildur Hagalín Guðmundsdóttir.

Þykjustuleikarnir by Anton Helgi Jónsson, poet and playwright

Við lútum höfði fyrir því sem fellur by Alda Björk Valdimarsdóttir, poet and associate professor at Faculty of Icelandic and Comparative Cultural Studies, University of Iceland.

Skepna í eigin skinni by Hrafnhildi Hagalín, dramaturg, poet, playwright and artistic consulant at the National Theatre.

Insight is a conversation between the arts and scholarship on passion and inspiration, the senses, and the creative process.


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Soffía Bjarnadóttir, Project Manager | Literary Events 
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