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16:30 - 19:00

VV sögur | Open workshop

Thursday October 13th 2022

We invite you to participate in creative workshops to learn the methods of visual vernacular storytelling.  Visual vernacular storytelling is symbolic for deaf culture where the artist uses non-manuals, gestures, and creates characters that are easily understood by deaf people around the world. In the workshops we explore ways to make use of in when developing Icelandic sign language literature. 

This is a series of 12 open workshops taught by Elsa G. Björnsdóttir, filmmaker, translator and teacher on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays on the following dates:

11., 12. og 13. October 2022
18., 19. og 20. October 2022

8., 9. og 10. November 2022
15., 16. og 17. November 2022

No participation fee, but registration is needed.
Everyone interested in the workshop is encouraged to apply. Send your message to this email: (written or in a video message)
Deadline for registration is  3. október 2022. We will give an answer to all applicants by the 7th of October. 

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The workshop is a part of the project VV sögur.
VV sögur is supported by Bókasafnasjóður. It is a cooperation between Ós Pressan, Borgarbókasafnið and Reykjavík - Unesco City of Literature

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