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16:30 - 18:00

How We Process | Workshop #1

Wednesday April 3rd 2024

How We Process is a collaborative series of workshops around autistic stims, directed and activated by Aurélie Raidron, an autistic french artist diagnosed in 2019.  During this experimental workshop, participants will be free to explore stims through various forms of expression such as writing, speaking, drawing, gestures and anything else they feel interesting and appropriate to them. The question of gesture and its choreography will be explored as well. Our host speaks English and French, all 4 workshops are free and they will happen in the Reykjavik City Library Grófin (downtown):

workshop #1: April 3rd, 5th floor
workshop #2: April 10th, 2nd floor (handicraft corner)
workshop #3: April 17th, 5th floor
workshop #4: April 24th, 5th floor

"The autistic body maps its presence by the way it regulates itself in space and apprehends the environment through self-stimulation. Although stimming can create a space, it still suffers from judgements from non-autistic people. A problematic of so-called neurotypical norms thus circumscribes the autistic body to a limited expression of its needs and space, and annihilates the notion of "common territory". How, through stimming and coping strategies, can we create and explore space and resituate the autistic gesture? Which internal, spatial choreography is played out in the arise of the stimulating gesture and how does it ends ?" Aurélie Raidron

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Martyna Karolina Daniel, intercultural specialist