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Exhibition | Visiting Vigdís

Saturday September 12th 2020 - Sunday March 28th 2021

At the exhibition Visiting Vigdís guests of all ages are invited to walk into the setting of the book Vigdís. Bókin um fyrsta konuforsetann (“Vigdís – The book about the first female president”). Author and illustrator Rán Flygenring designed the exhibition in collaboration with curator Embla Vigfúsdóttir. The world of Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, the first woman to be elected president, comes to life at Gerðuberg, where guests can stop by for a visit and reflect on the values that Vigdís has always championed, in her personal and professional life. Seeing is believing!

Think big!

Can anyone become president? Is it important to have a role model? Can we be a role model to others? How can we simultaneously cultivate ourselves and our culture? The exhibition gives children and young adults the opportunity to ponder big questions like these and to take part in a diverse programme of events scheduled during exhibition hours. 

Curators are Embla Vigfúsdóttir and Rán Flygenring. Svanhildur Halla Haraldsdóttir and Helgi Grímur Hermannsson helped them set up the exhibition and lead guided tours.


A diverse programme of events is scheduled during opening hours.

Upcoming events:

Flowers, Books or Paintings | Drawing Workshop with Rán Flygenring
Saturday, 20th of March at 1pm - 3pm

There will also be guided tours for school groups.

Please note that guests must register in advance for all exhibition-related events.

The cafe is open and social distancing rules will be followed throughout Gerðuberg, in the exhibition area, cafe, and workshop space. 

We welcome everyone. Admission is free. 

See Gerðuberg opening hours.


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For more information, contact:

Ilmur Dögg Gísladóttir, Library Manager