Are you the curious type?

Stop by at the Café!

Whether you‘re into crafts, literature, philosophy, storytelling or something completely different, our Cafés have something for you. We invite some interesting people to tell us about their area of expertise or something they‘re passionate about, and the audience is encouraged to take part in any discussion. See all the upcoming Cafés here.

Some of these include:

Literature Café

We discuss books of all kinds; authors, translators and readers visit and share their experiences with other guests.

Storytelling Café

Do you have a story to tell? The Storytelling Café is a place for experts and newbies alike to share their stories.

Lifestyle Café

A “lifestyle” is a broad term. Visitors of different backgrounds speak on health, happiness, the environment and more.

Theatre Café

Take a peek behind the curtain with the city‘s dramatists and thespians.

Philosophy Café

We discuss in plain Icelandic our shared values and what we appreciate in life.

Poetry Café

Poetry is the new black. We invite poets to come read for us and discuss all matters poetry.

Travelling Café

Experienced travelers share their stories of travel and give us a glimpse into different cultures, near and far.

Handicraft Café

We show up with our knitting, learn from each other and every now and again we‘ll have a special guest.