indoor library picnic

Pikknikk in Grófin

This time, our hosts were EAPN á Íslandi, an organisation fighting poverty in Iceland. They invited us to come drink freshly squeezed orange juice, while snacking on rice crispies cakes, bread and fresh fruits. We spent time talking and connecting with each other on topics relating to free activities on offer in Iceland for children, picnic culture and what are the things we can do for free that make us happy.

Many of our picnickers expressed missing the picnic culture, so present in warmer countries: taking a blanket and some food to share and sit in a parc and talk and relax all day... Maybe we should normalize doing that in indoor spaces when the weather is bad?

close up bread and oranges a group doing an indoor picnic

What can you do on a cold windy day with your children? There aren't many options and parents reported feeling anxiety on the weekends when they see the weather is bad. Most spaces charge an entrance fee and parents and children get bored of always doing the same few activities. We felt nourished by rich conversations, felt the warmth of the sun through the windows and relaxed with a sunny playlist. All in all, it seemed to be a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon together.

More information about our picnics HERE.

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Martyna Karolina Daniel, intercultural specialist

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