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Why is it important to have easy access to verified information? How can this contribute to building a trustworthy relationship between citizens and the government? With these thoughts in mind we met Ragnar Snær to talk about how the library can support the project UKRAINE:IS and how the various library spaces could be used for the many projects Ragnar and his partners are developing to meet the needs of citizens of Ukraine newly arrived in Reykjavík.

Peacekeeping operations can take place at the library and we seek partners who can contribute to that goal. We first heard about Ragnar through the website This newly created website shares information in Ukrainian, English and Icelandic, making it a mission to inform Ukrainian citizens on their rights and possibilities in Iceland. This easy access to official information creates a direct link between Ukrainian citizens newly arrived in Iceland and the Icelandic institutions, helping to build a healthy and trustworthy relationship between them.

We had an open conversation about the many ways the library spaces could be used to foster culture exchange between Iceland and Ukraine and we will be continuing this conversation on Saturday on May 14th.
Thank you for taking part in the discussion. We are open to new ideas on how to create a platform for active citizenship and democratic discussions. 

What is Opið samtal? A conversation platform for an open discussion about issues relating to rights, active citizenship and equity in access to society.
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Dögg Sigmarsdóttir
Project manager | Civic Participation

UpdatedMonday October 16th 2023, 12:13