Michael Richardt

Stofan | The Visual Dialogue in BAÐSTOFAN

Michael Richardt is sharing his artistic practice in the project BAÐSTOFAN. On the first floor in Grófin he will put up a large piece of paper on the wall by the computers. Michael will use brushes and ink to create a visual dialogue to draw attention to those in need of community care. BAÐSTOFAN is a part of the project Stofan | A Public Living Room, where each month a new collaborator creates a temporary public living room.  We asked Michael a few questions about his placemaking.

Which spot in Grófin did you choose for your Stofa?   

I often use the printer in the computer area. I noticed how the area is used mainly by men that look as if life has been harsh to them. 
It seems like libraries find themselves tasked with providing social care for vulnerable people who should receive proper support and assistance at a government level. Many of these people live at shelters which they are forced to leave for several hours each day. Naturally they want to sit in a warm and safe environment with toilet facilities. Especially in the climate of Iceland.  The men who frequent this area of the library need care and attention. There is a heavy atmosphere in this specific part of the Grofin Library.  I'd like for people in this area of the library to share the space of a big sheet of paper and paint with me.

Is there a specific book that is not in our collection, and you would like to have in your Stofan?

Codex Seraphinianus is a book that shows well how I would like to work with the space and also books on the art of Louise Bourgeois such as:
Deconstruction of the Father/Reconstruction of the Father, Intimate Geometries: The Art and Life of Louise Bourgeois, Life as ArtLouise Bourgeois X Jenny Holzer: the Violence of Handwriting Across a Page.


We thank Michael for his contribution and look forward to the co-creation process ahead. The painting sessions with Michael take place on Tuesday 19th of September from 4-6 pm  and on Sunday 24th of September from 3-5 pm.

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Dögg Sigmarsdóttir 
Project Manager | Civic Participation