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The supportive association Kraftur was founded twenty years ago because there was a lack of understanding and support for young people, diagnosed with cancer. Inga Bryndís Árnadóttir, manages the knowledge sharing and campaigning of Kraftur. We had an open conversation with her about the nature of the supportive network, the political issues raised by its members and how she organizes educational programming and peer support.

Both the library and Kraftur share the aim of increasing access to knowledge and social bonds. The campaigns of Kraftur have raised awareness of the situation of young people fighting cancer and their families. They now have a podcast, where people share their experiences. They also educate on the issues through their webpage. Even though the issues concern losses and grieves, the activities they organize are filled with joy and motivation. Regarding accessibility, Inga Bryndís mentioned that translating their program and knowledge in diverse languages is the biggest accessibility issue at the moment. It might make their programming more accessible to have some events at the library, like the informative meetups, since this is a public place where people with diverse backgrounds visit regularly.

Thank you for taking part in the discussion. We are open to new ideas on how to create a platform for active citizenship and democratic discussions. 

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