Competition | Christmas Calendar 2022

Are you an author or an illustrator? Reykjavik City Library is looking for the Christmas Calendar Story of 2022.

Reykjavik City Library has been publishing the Christmas Calendar Story for children since 2016, on the City Library websiteReykjavik UNESCO City of Literature website and other online platforms. A new illustrated chapter is released every day from the 1st – 24th of December. The story is also made available as a podcast.

Last day to apply is August 5th.

We ask all applicants to send us the plot and storyline with examples of illustrations by midnight, August 5th. It is not necessary to provide a completed story at this stage. Please send the application to gudrun.dis.jonatansdottir@reykjavik.isA selection committee will go through all applications and select the winning story by August 15th.

October 17th – final deadline for completed story and illustrations

All 24 chapters with one illustration for each chapter, as well as a cover illustration, need to be handed in by October 17th. We offer editorial help at this stage. These illustrations will also be used to make a bookmark, a poster and a calendar that will be put up in all our libraries.

The author and illustrator will get 350.000 ISK each, and 700.000 ISK if they are the same person. 

Children who visit the museum in November and December receive a bookmark and the posters are distributed locally. We offer Christmas Storytime during the month of December.

Here you can look through The Christmas Calendar Stories of Christmas past.

The Christmas Calendar Story is a cooperative project between Reykjavik City Library and Reykjavik UNESCO City of Literature.

For more information, please contact:
Guðrún Dís Jónatansdóttir, Head of Communication & Innovation | tel. 411 6115
Reykjavik City Library | Culture House

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