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Opið samtal | Multicultural Information Center – Role and Collaborations

Representatives of the Multicultural Information Center presented the services they provide to new arrivals in Iceland and a specialized information services on rights and obligations to asylum seekers and refugees. The open conversation was attended by a diverse group of service providers within the city, representatives from the Red Cross, who are responsible for the social needs of refugees and asylum seeks, as well as parties with experience and interest in policy making in regarding immigrants and refugees affairs. 

Challenges and opportunities in providing the service as a government agency were discussed openly and how cultural differences and previous experience might impact the trust of clients in the services of a state institute. Ideas were discussed on how public libraries could be used to support those that seek information regarding their rights and opportunities to become an active member of society. The main challenges noticed by the Multicultural Information Center were cases where there was little access to social support and educational opportunities for specific groups, e.g., low availability of programs within the education system for young people aged 16-22. In cases where there is a lack of opportunities for knowledge sharing on a peer-to-peer basis, the possibility of the library was mentioned as a platform to build networks for support with new arrivals in Iceland. 

We thank all participants for their contribution to the open converstion.

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What is Opið samtal

Opið samtal is a neutral conversation platform where we practice respectful and open exchange. We bridge the gap between individuals, organizations and institutions. This is a place to discuss burning issues on a peer-to-peer basis, engage in collective problem solving and seek new possibilities together. 

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