A Room for Authors

Authors and poets, interested in promoting their works with an event can book a space at the Reykjavík City Library, free of charge. Authors are free to use the space as they want, such as for readings (maybe together with other authors), publishing events or other kinds of promotions. 

Available times for the space can be booked by sending an e-mail to gudrun.dis.jonatansdottir@reykjavik.is.


Further information and practicalities: 

For a book presentation it might be a good idea to collaborate together with other authors (no more than 6 at a time, though). The authors themselves are responsible for all overall management, promoting the event and their work, reading and moderating the discussion between themselves and/or the guests. 

Service on site

  • The authors themselves are the organizers of the events and should be mostly independent 
  • The library provides housing, sound system, microphones, chairs and glasses, as needed.
  • The library's staff prepare the space arrangement (chairs, microphones, tables and such).
  • Should authors bring drinks or catering, it is important that this is also removed at the end of the event.  


If a Facebook event is made, Reykjavík City Library can co-host the event, and share it for promotion. In this case the event also shows up in the library's event schedule on Facebook. Reykjavík City Library also offers to set up an event on the library's web page, upon request, in which case the event shows up in the event schedule on the web page as well. 


Independent events such as these, are not held under the auspices of the library, but instead an accommodation for authors interested in hosting their own events. Reykjavík City Library does not pay for independents events. In this case the library's contribution is accommodation, sound equipment, promotion and facilities for action. 


Further information:

Guðrún Dís Jónatansdóttir, Head of Communications
gudrun.dis.jonatansdottir@reykjavik.is | 411 6115