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13:00 - 16:00
Young people

Summer Workshops 13-16 year olds | Bestiary Illustrations

Saturday August 14th 2021

A registration is needed to attend this event, all latest social gathering and distancing rules are followed. (scroll down for registration)

Location: Torgið , Reykjavik City Library Grófin (ground floor)

When: August 14th | 13.00 - 16:00

Participants: 15 (REGISTRATION STARTS MAY 5)

Language: English


Graphic designer and artist Otilia Martin will host a workshop for young artists, 13-16 years of age.

The workshop will focus around one's inner beasts and will be taught in English. During the workshop, Otilia will guide attendees on a journey through their own personal beastie-zoo.

The work clashes medieval cartography with modern cultures, and each participant will be the master of the feel, shape and form of their be(a)stie-zoo, and everything it entails- visually, emotionally and sensorially. The aim of the workshop is to provide young artists the opportunity to develop an understanding of the visual relation between ideas and emotions.

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