Atriði samskipta
Atriði samskipta

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13:00 - 14:15
Young people
Young people

Communications | Art workshop for young adults

Saturday July 2nd 2022

Location: 5th floor.

In this workshop we discuss the things that are most important for us and what we should have in mind in good communications. We‘ll work in groups and each group will work further with the topics discussed. The groups are free to work in any medium that suits them like videos, sound composition or sculptures. In the end of the workshop we try to let the items / elements that the groups created work as one.  The workshop is for 16-30 years old.

Supervisor: Sölvi Steinn Þórhallsson, artist

The workshop is run by ÁLFUR accoiation. The association emphasizes the artistic creation of members and various forms of education on an equal basis for young people in Reykjavik. The project is funded by Erasmus +

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