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Sustainability and literature | Torgið

Tuesday November 9th 2021


We think a lot about sustainability, but what is it that makes us want to adopt more sustainable habits? What influences us to make sustainability a relevant topic in our lives? Maarit Kaipainen from Festa and Gerður Kristný, one of our most beloved writers, will discuss sustainability and literature in an open conversation, where we share which books and other material has given us new perspective or a deeper understanding on the issues of sustainability.

The conversation is organized in cooperation with Festa – Center for Sustainability. Festa has created a list of books they recommend on the topic of sustainability and they will be on display at Torgið in Grófin. Users are encouraged to take part in the conversation and send us their book recommendations on the issue to add to the library collection. Festa is a catalyst for change and a bridge build­er between and within the public and private sector and focuses on sustainable development through the SDGs, climate change and corporate social responsibility in its broad sense.

Reykjavík City Library is a democratic platform with sustainability and innovation as its guiding principles. On Torgið we experiment with sharing knowledge between citizens in an open conversation. This is a venue to discuss and reflect on ideas, take part in democratic processes and try new ways in the curation of knowledge in a safe space.

The conversation is open to all, to listen in on and take part. Join us, who knows, you might discover something new?

Everyone is welcome, no entry fee.

More information on Festa can be found here.

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Do you have a topic in mind and would like to discuss it at the library with others? We are open to new ideas.

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