Kynningarmynd Samskrifa

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12:00 - 14:00
Talks & discussions

Samskrifa | Open space for creative writing

Saturday November 6th 2021

The library offers a space for writers of all kinds to get together and write.

Join us for dedicated writing time. We'll meet and introduce ourselves and share what we're working on. We’ll set our timers for 45 minutes, encourage one another and write. After time is up, we’ll check in and have a short break then work for another 30 minutes. Afterwards we’ll say what we worked on.

Meeting place is on the 5th floor in Grófin.

All writers are welcome.

No participation fee.

Event on Facebook.

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Michelle Spinei

Further information on open spaces for co-creation at the library:
Dögg Sigmarsdóttir
Project manager | Civic Participation