Opið samtal 2023

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17:30 - 19:00
Talks & discussions

Opið samtal | At THAT Age?

Tuesday February 27th 2024

How old are you? -Are you OLD enough?  Have you ever heard that you are too young to understand, too old to be able to do something or not old enough to be included? Who sets the age limit and on what grounds? Have you experienced rejection or prejudice due to your age?  

We invite you to an open conversation about age and ageism. What influence does our age have on participation? Do we place limitations on ourselves or are the obstacles part of the social structure and rules we set? All of us have a certain age. Together we want to explore how we can combat ageism and create a society that opens up new opportunities regardless of age. We encourage people of all ages to participate.  

Do you want your voice heard? Journalists from the radio program Samfélagið on RÁS 1 will be with us with a recording device to document the engagement and broadcast parts of it on the radio show.  

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All welcome, no participation fee

What is Opið samtal?  
An open conversation platfrom at Reykjavík City Library is a neutral platform where the gap between individuals, organizations and institutions is bridged. Opið samtal aims to discuss burning issues on a peer-to-peer basis, with the aim of finding the solutions collectively, figure out who to approach an issue with  and for different views to be heard.  

All welcome, participation free.  

Further information
Dögg Sigmarsdóttir  
Project Manager | Civic Participation