Makerspace | Sewing Assistance
It is good to get advice about your projects

Information about the event

16:30 - 18:00

Makerspace | Sewing Assistance

Monday March 7th 2022

Ideal for beginners or more advanced learners. 

In the Makerspace at the Reykjavík City Library in Árbær, we have great facilities for anyone interested in sewing. There are two standard sewing machines, as well as an overlock machine. It is also possible to trace patterns so guests can sew from scratch, but it's also ideal to bring clothes and other textiles that need repairing.

We offer monthly Sewing Assistance during the winter months, where Andzelina Kusowska Sigurðsson og Elínborg Ágústsdóttir assist with your projects or ideas. Keep an eye out for the Sewing Assistance in the events calendar and on the library's Facebook page.

The Sewing Assistance is ideal for beginners or more advanced learners. It is always good to get advice and chat about your projects.

Further info:
Katrín Guðmundsdóttir
Sími: 411 6250