Ævar Örn Jósepsson býður upp á æsispennandi spurningakeppni
Ævar Örn Jósepsson býður upp á æsispennandi spurningakeppni

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16:30 - 18:30
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The Icelandic Crime Wave | Crime Quiz at Grófin

Thursday September 5th 2024

An exciting quiz at Grófin with The Icelandic Crime Syndicate. Valgeir Gestsson will host the crime quiz.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of The Icelandic Crime Syndicate we invite all crime story readers to take part in the exciting so-called crime quiz, made by Ævar Örn Jósepsson the society's chairman. The quiz will be held in many public libraries at the same time, close to The day of Libraries which is always celebrated in September, while International Literacy Day is September 8. 

It is therefore a good idea to use the time well and look into old as well as new crime stories to recall the various plots and creepy events that Icelandic authors have written in their books, for the pleasure and delight of us the readers.

The winner will of course receive a prize, and we promise a nice atmosphere and some refreshments to calm your nerves during the quiz!

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The project The Icelandic Crime Wave is funded by Rannís Library Fund.


Further information:

Ævar Örn Jósepsson, the chairman of The Icelandic Crime Syndicate

Guðrún Dís Jónatansdóttir, head of Communication & Innovation
gudrun.dis.jonatansdottir@reykjavik.is | 411 6115