Tvær myndir, spælst saman í eina. Vinstra megin situr maður og spilar á söngskálar. Hægra megin liggur kona í floti í sundlaug.

Information about the event

19:30 - 22:00

Peaceful Evening | Floating Relaxation and a Group Sound Bath

Friday November 25th 2022

Are you craving some peace and quiet?

Come visit us for a peaceful evening.

The lights will be dimmed, relaxing music will sound.

In collaboration with Dalslaug and Flothetta, flotation in the swimming pool will be offered. When floating, participants experience a healing moment together in timelessness surrounded by water. Deep relaxation and peace in body, mind and soul.

During the flotation, it will also be possible to go for a guided relaxation in the hall for those who prefer.

After the flotation and guided relaxation, a group sound bath will be offered in the hall with naturotherapist Jacek Szeloch. In the group sound bath, Jacek uses a Nepalese sound healing technique that involves playing singing bowls that emit vibrations. The sound healing brings the body into a deep and healing state of relaxation.

Registration is not required, just show up and enjoy!


7.30 pm              Flotation in Dalslaug, please show up early

7.30 pm              Guided Relaxation in the hall

9.00 pm              Group Sound Bath in the hall


Event on Facebook.

Flothetta's website.

Jacek's website, Wellsprings.


Further information:

Stella Sif Jónsdóttir, Specialist | Events and educational programs