Björn B Jónsson ræðir um nytjaskóga og möguleika þeirra í Borgarbókasafninu Gerðubergi
Björn B Jónsson ræðir um nytjaskóga og möguleika þeirra

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20:00 - 21:45
Talks & discussions

Lifestyle Café I The Value of Forestry

Wednesday February 10th 2021

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The event is in Icelandic. 
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Location of event: BERG, on the upper floor
Max participants: Recomended number  will be followed

The Café is open. 

 What possibilities lies in Icelandic forestry?

Björn Bjarndal Jónsson is forest engineer tells us all about the possibilities in Icelandic forestry. The forests around the world are of great value. There are countless possibilities for utilization and processing, but forests in Iceland are only utilized to a small extent. Possible forest products are not always obvious, so forest owners need to know their forests well in order to maximize their income.

Björn Bjarndal Jónsson is has worked in commercial forestry for three decades. He is the project manager at Skógræktinn in forest products.


Further information:
Hólmfríður Ólafsdóttir, Project Manager | tel. 411 6122