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11:30 - 13:30

Chat and explore in Icelandic

Saturday October 21st 2023

Join us for this free Icelandic practice meet-up and get to know other people who are learning too!

Are you having a hard time learning while sitting still? You want to walk around and practice your Icelandic while discovering cool exhibitions and cultural landmarks of Reykjavik city? We meet once a month on the ground floor of the Reykjavik City Library Grófin (downtown), go over some useful vocabulary with our experienced teacher, have some coffee and take a little field trip together and get to know our city a bit better. The guided tours are in Icelandic but there will be plenty of support for you to understand!

It's free and you don‘t need to register. Just show up! 

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Chat and play in Icelandic is a part of the event series Spjöllum með hreim (Let's chat with an accent): free Icelandic practice meet-ups with 4 different activities aimed at people with different interests and learning preferences. You can read more about Spjöllum með hreim and find our FULL PROGRAM HERE, including events in Spöngin and Grófin.

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Hildur Björgvinsdóttir