Litríkt teppi á trégólfi, púði, tuskudýr, leikföng, bækur

Information about the event

10:30 - 11:30

Family mornings | Toddler Corner

Tuesday October 3rd 2023

We welcome families with their little ones to our Toddler Corner.

A great opportunity to get to know other adults with young ones and have a casual chat about every day life... and the children of course. 

You can heat the milk bottle in our bottle heater and there is a good diaper change facility in the bathroom. 

The library has lots of interesting and informative books and magazines related to raising children and caring for infants that you can look through or borrow home if you have a library card.

There is also a great selection of books for your little ones to spark their interest in literature.

Last but not least, there is always coffee on the house! 

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Vala Björg Valsdóttir