Makerspace in Grófin | Access to professional software

The Reykjavik City Library offers spaces to the public for creative work. These are called Makerspaces or Verkstæði. One such space is located on the fifth floor of Grófin which focuses on music and multimedia. Karl James Pestka helps run the space and we asked him some questions.

What can you make at the Makerspace in Grófin?

 All kinds of things! You can the Ableton and Garageband to compose music, and Logic and Reaper to edit recordings. It’s also possible to stream music through OBS, use Photoshop, draw in Illustrator, edit videos in Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere, create an animated film in After Effects - we even have a green screen ! You can get up to all kinds of things here.

Who can use the Makerspace in Grófin? 

Everybody! The Makerspace has something to offer for everyone, regardless of their age, ability, or background. We recommend that people who are new to the Makerspace to check out our Hacking Days on Wednesdays, when anyone older than 13 is welcome to drop in and start creating.


What about kids under 13?

We definitely want younger makers to get involved, but they will normally need to be accompanied by adults.  Children eight years and older can also register for Makerspace workshops.  No library card is needed to register.


Can I book a computer or reserve the room?

Yes, all library card holders ages 13 and older can book time for free at the Makerspace. 


What does the future have in store for the Makerspace?

We are currently creating a library of instruments so that people can play and record music. We already have DJ equipment and we are just about to acquire more exciting tools. We will gladly accept any equipment that musicians would like to donate, as long as they work and can do the job.

Friday May 7th 2021