Summer Closures

The libraries take turns being closed during the summer. When is your library open? 

The libraries are closed during the following period:

June 15 - July 7   Closed in Sólheimar
July 1 - August 14   Closed in Kléberg
July 6 - July 28   Closed in Gerðuberg, Gróf and Spöng
July 27 - August 18   Closed in Árbær, Kringla and Úlfarsárdalur

• Receiving reserved library material may take longer than usual during the period

• Return dates for material that belongs to a CLOSED library is automatically extended until that particular library re-opens

• No fines for books or other material while the library that the material belongs to is closed. We encourage you to return the material to a library that is open


Can I reserve or order books from libraries that are closed?

One can only borrow material from a library that is open. It will still be possible to reserve library material that is located in one library and pick up from another library, as long as they are both open.

The book I reserved is only available in a library that is closed, how do I access it?

Users may need to wait longer than usual for reserved material while the libraries take turns being closed during the summer. You will receive an email once your reserved material is available and ready to be picked up.

Can I return a book or other material to a different library than the one I borrowed from?

You can return library material to any open Reykjavík City Library, or to the libraries in Mosfellsbær or Seltjarnarnes. Note that you cannot return material to a closed library.

My lending period is soon over. Do I get a fine if the material belongs to a closed library?

The due date for returning material automatically extends beyond the closing period of each library. You will not get a fine for material belonging to a closed library. All information on your return dates can be found under My Pages. You will also receive an email once your item is due to be returned.

Why do you need to close the libraries?

The summer closure of the Reykjavik City Library is part of the City’s rationalization requirement for 2024.

Where can I see the opening hours of each library?

Here you can check out the opening hours of all the libraries. Each library has a special page where you can learn about the facilities, accessibility, events, and other interesting facts.

For further information you can send an e-mail at or a message on Facebook Messenger.