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Derya Oezdilek presented her nonprofit association Horizon in an open conversation. Horizon is now ten years old and focuses on dialogs, intercultural communication, and youth work. In their project work they aim at connecting diverse social groups as well as religious associations in Iceland. Derya shared with us her experience in starting and maintaining a nonprofit association.

The first step in forming an association is finding a common vision with other people. Next, you figure out what people are passionate about and like doing. If people have the chance to do what they are good at for a worthy cause, they will share and connect in a positive way. If you create such a platform, all practical matters are easy to solve, like fundraising. You just need the right people to support you. And you should not be afraid of contacting people and calling directly. If you know what kind of support you need and you have a clear aim, people are open to such requests. 

We thank all those that participated in the open conversation. For practical information and registration of nonprofit associations in Iceland, you can contact the Iceland Revenue and Customs. Information on starting an association is available (only in Icelandic) on their website: Félagasamtök og önnur félög. If you need intercultural assistance, New in Iceland could be of help. 

The library is open to innovative ideas on how to create a platform for active citizenship and democratic discussions. We look forward to developing this platform with you.

What is Opið samtal? A conversation platform for an open discussion about issues relating to rights, active citizenship, and equity in access to society.

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Dögg Sigmarsdóttir
Project manager | Civic Participation

UpdatedWednesday November 8th 2023, 14:44