The Reykjavik City Library Christmas Song is a real gem!

The City Library recently chose a winner in the library‘s Christmas Song contest of 2022.

We received some very interesting songs, but the judges were most impressed by the song Christmas is my Favourite Time of the Year by Ximena Díaz, a 17 year old who lives in Madrid.

The song is a beautiful indie Christmas Ballad that Ximena recorded at home on her phone. When she had finished making the song she started browsing the Internet looking for Christmas Song Contests, and guess what, she found us!

Ximena has been making music since she was about 10 year old, and she is currently studying modern music interpretation at a university in Madrid. She has one song published on Spotify, listen to it here.

What can Ximena tell us about the song?

"It is a homemade song, so I feel like that kind of resembles what Christmas really means to me personally. Staying at home with your loved ones and enjoying the warmth of their presence and joy. It’s a very peaceful song, my purpose is to make the people who listen to this song feel at peace. I just really love making music. I want to reach out to people with my songs and make them feel peaceful and comfortable with themselves!"

Big congratulations to Ximena. The song is very popular with the staff at all our seven libraries and we hope the rest of you enjoy it too.