Green and humanity centered libraries | Visit from Lublin

We recently met very interesting colleagues who told us about a new green library in their home town Lublin in Poland: Bioteka

We met in Grófin and discussed the role of the libraries in our communities and the places citizens seek to meet others, socialize and visit cultural events. We presented our strategic focus on participation and co-creation in cultural programming. The library has an important role in securing access for all to knowledge and it is also a social space, where we share experience and connect with each other. By involving more users in developing the library, we aim to create a community space that is attractive to more users with different needs. There are not many institutions that are as open as the library

Sustainability is a broad concept and is also a part of the library´s policy. The experts from Lublin introduced us to an innovative „green” library in Lublin:  Bioteka.  It has been opened in the premises of the former Karczma Słupska. During the Communist-Regime Era, Karczma Słupska was a legendary restaurant known mainly for its dances to live music, traditional polish cuisine and unique atmosphere. Now the space is quieter than it used to be.

Our guests mentioned that in Lublin culture houses are close neighbors of libraries, often standing side by side. In Reykjavík it is more hybrid, libraries are also places for lively events and a place to seek refuge from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

As we thank your guests for the visit, we would like to encourage more people to tell us about the development of their local library – from all over the world.

Monday September 6th 2021