Creative Collective Solutions | Opið samtal (Hugmyndaþorp) took part in an open conversation on how they engage communities with innovation missions. The elements of a mission-oriented approach were discussed and how they encourage horizontal sharing, networking, and ideation, towards innovative ideas and projects. One of the focus points of the discussion was on the type and nature of environment or platforms needed to engage diverse sectors, stakeholders, and community members in cocreating solutions to societal goals.  

The library as an accessible public space can connect different communities and there is a need to build a platform encouraging trust between partners and organizations and institutions. These space are hard to find and maintain for non-profit collectives. If the library would open its space for exchange and knowledge sharing between different communities, it would have the potential to be a platform for social innovation and development of new community projects. Such a platform would also open societies to more people wanting to engage in community projects. 

Thank you for contributing to this rich conversation.  We are open to innovative ideas on how to create a platform for active citizenship and democratic discussions. We look forward to developing this platform with you. 

What is Opið samtal? A conversation platform for an open discussion about issues relating to rights, active citizenship and equity in access to society. 

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Dögg Sigmarsdóttir 
Project manager | Civic Participation 

UpdatedWednesday October 19th 2022, 12:19