Anna creates Stofan | A Public Living Room

Anna Marjankowska curates the November edition of Stofan and places it in Torgið on the 1st floor in Grófin. On 23rd of November she will open er personal version of Stofan. She will use the space to invite Icelandic grassroots organizations for a discussion about community service. We asked Anna, who is a labour organizer, researcher of modern working conditions, educator, care sector worker and troublemaker, a few questions about her creative work.

Which spot did you choose for your Stofa?

I choose Torgið in Grófin, the main meeting space in the library. I find it very welcoming, not only for the people that are intentionally coming for the events and meetings but also accidental participants, readers returning their books, visitors in the library that can pop in and stop for a while to listen to the discussions happening just next to the entrance. Torgið is also the most accessible spot in the house. 

What will you place in it? 

Moving the orange sofas from the 1st floor will make the space cozy and debate-ready, we’ll also create a kids' corner, so parents can participate not be worried about childcare during the main event of Stofan. In the space, you'll be able to find a choice of books around community organizing, local initiatives, political thoughts important for guests of this edition of Stofan, there will be also access to a shared virtual library with the materials we want to share (like my selection of community-created podcasts that helped me survive the plague years).

What kind of feeling would you like to give users?

I want to show a possibility of voluntary participation in the library’s program, planned or accidental meetings with organizations and individuals that have a strong impact on our local community by meeting their needs, organizing, asking important questions, changing its shape. I want to use the library as a space for meetings, dialogue, and a possible center of social innovation. 

Who would you like to invite to start a conversation with?

Local grassroots organizations focused on community organizing, community services, protection, redistribution, and equal opportunities.

Do you have an inspiration, a place that you relate to your Stofan? 

I’m a strong believer in libraries as a common good. Library for me is an extra space outside of my house that can meet my needs: motivate me to do my ‘office work’, drag me out of house responsibilities, put me in a mood I want to be in via interactions with the space and people. In Kraków, the city I choose to spend the beginning of my adult life in, I spend most of the time outside of studies, work and rest time in the library. For everyday learning and writing, I choose open spaces in Arteteka,  where I could work in gentle noise of people walking, reading books, comics, using computers, watching movies and playing video games, and at the end of the day, just accidentally attend a meeting about literature or other cultural events. When I wanted to be more focused and share the stress with fellow students nervously turning pages of their books (especially during exam sessions) I choose the Rajska Library and for enjoying the 'sanctuary of wisdom' and most beautiful modern architecture I was going to the Jagiellonian Library.

Thursday November 18th 2021