Mýrin - International Children‘s Literature Festival

Mýrin - Alþjóðleg barnabókmenntahátíð í Reykjavík

The Reykjavik City Library has a representative on the board of directors of Mýrin, the international children’s literature festival held biennially at The Nordic House since 2001. The festival program, which is rather diverse, appeals to children and adults as well as hobbyists and scholars who are interested in literature and literature-related subjects. 

The festival features a diverse program of events with participation from local and international authors and scholars. Events include the following:

  • Readings and presentations at The Nordic House
  • Author talks and symposiums
  • Lectures and panel discussions with literary scholars
  • Exhibitions and workshops
  • Other cultural events in line with the festival theme


The festival is put on by Mýrin – the International Children’s Literature Festival Association, which is made up of the following institutions and organizations: IBBY Iceland, SÍUNG (Association of Children’s Book Authors in Iceland), The Writers' Union of Iceland, the University of Iceland, The Reykjavik City Library, and The Nordic House.

The next festival takes place in 2021. Follow along at myrin.is and the festival’s Facebook page.