Family Mornings

At Family mornings, adults with infants and children of preschool age come together to read books, play, sing and chat about everything and nothing...and of course the children. Once in a while there are some educational talks about children and parenting, but the library also has a lot of interesting and informative books and magazines related to the subject that you can browse on the spot or borrow if you have a library card. Of course we also have a great selection on children's books! 

The changing facilities are good at all the libraries and also, there is always coffee on the house.

Family mornings are once a week at the city libraries in Gerðuberg (Breiðholt neighbourhood) and Úlfarsárdalur, and twice a week at the library in Grófin (down town). Below you can read more about each one. 


Family mornings in Grófin

Toddler time in Grófin

Every Monday and Thursday at 10:30 am - 11:30 am, all year round. 

We warmly welcome carers with young children to Toddler Time, to chat, play and sing together.

A staff member leads a singalong for the children at 11 am. 

On Mondays we introduce the children to the old classics and on Thursdays we sing the preschool songs together.

Location: Children's section 2nd floor.

Grófin will be closed July 6th - 28th but we'll meet again in the children's section on 2nd floor at the end of July. 


Family mornings in Úlfarsárdalur

Toddler Corner in Úlfarsárdalur

Every Tuesday morning at 10:30 am - 11:30 am.
We will take a summer break from the beginning of June to the end of August.

At the Library you can warm up the milk bottle for the child. 

Location: The Toddler corner at the library.

The library in Úlfarsárdalur will be open all summer but due to staff holidays there will be no organized toddler events July 27th - August 18th.


Memmm play í Gerðubergi

Memmm Playtime in Gerðuberg

Every Wednesday morning at 10am- 2pm during wintertime.

At Family mornings in Gerðuberg, Memmm Playtime, adults with young children meet to sing, play and learn together.
Events focus on families with infants and at pre-school age. 

Coffee on the house.

Location: City Library on second floor in Gerðuberg (Breiðholt neighbourhood). 

We'll take a break in June, July and half August and meet again in Gerðuberg in late August.