Krílastund í Borgarbókasafninu Grófinni

Grófin Children‘s Department

The children’s department is on the second floor in Grófin. It’s a great place for children to read and play. There’s an enclosed area for the youngest children with a nice sofa, hardcover books, and toys for young children. Everyone must take off their shoes. On the second floor, there are also sofas for parents who want to read for their children or just sit and chat. There is a baby changing station in the bathroom and we have strollers for our guests . 

Families with children who haven’t started preschool are invited to come to the library to family mornings once a week. Older children are also more than welcome, but the meetup is geared towards young children. Typically the group sings together and sometimes someone plays the guitar. We regularly offer education for new and soon-to-be parents.

The Storytime room is a popular space where children can try on costumes or curl up on mattresses and pillows and climb on little houses. A wide variety of games are available for those who want to sit down and play.

We of course have a variety of library items for children, including books for beginners, thicker fiction books for older kids, comics, book series, audiobooks, and fairy tales. There’s also a great selection of DVDs and music. The library has a nice selection of books in foreign languages, mostly in English and the Nordic languages, but also in Polish, Vietnamese, and Italian, to name a few. Bilingual kids should be able to find something to read. Staff members are always ready to find reading material, music, and DVDs for our guests.

Here is an overview of the languages you can find in the Grófin library children‘s department.

Welcome to the children’s department—remember that children under 18 years old get a free library card!

UpdatedFriday October 13th 2023, 14:56