Library Collections Policy

The Reykjavík City Library collection is developed in line with the library’s role, policies, and other goals at any given time. The library is an information and cultural institution that operates in accordance with the current laws on libraries as well as other laws, regulations, and statutes that are further explained in Role, Guiding Principles, and Goals of The Reykjavik City Library.

The Reykjavik City Library has a policy on building its collection to make users, staff, and the city authorities aware of what the library collection is and what to expect of its future development. The policy is meant to support the development and maintenance of the library collection and to help the institution fulfill its role and reach its set goals. It ensures stability and restraint in procedures and forms the basis for budget planning and prioritization of different projects. The policy is meant to help the library make necessary materials available to its users and to maintain the collection in accordance with the demands and needs of its users. The policy should prevent bias in building the library collection and clarifies who is responsible for overseeing its growth and upkeep.

Library Collections Policy from 2024 (Icelandic pdf)