Art by Marzena Harðarson Waleszczyk
Art made of moss

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Exhibition | MossArt

Tuesday June 4th 2024 - Sunday September 8th 2024

Marzena Harðarson Waleszczyk uses moss as subject and material in her art.

It is easy to be enrapture of the beauty and softness of the moss which here has entered a new environment as a work of art. Nevertheless, the magic remains even though it is here in a different format than we are used to.

The moss is preserved with special technique so it will not fade. The artworks can both to be placed on a table but also on the walls like at the exhibition. Calmness and beauty characterize the works, which are easy to be fascinated by.

Marzena was born in Poland but has lived in Iceland for 16 years. She has an MA degree in management and marketing and has worked many different jobs over the years. Since 2022, she has worked at a kindergarten as well as creating art. She has attended various courses in crafts and art.


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Katrín Guðmundsdóttir, Library manager | 411 6250