people having picnicn inside the library

Pikknikk in Úlfarsárdalur

The residents' association in Úlfarsárdalur hosted a Pikknikk at the library on April 18th, where they discussed how to make the neighborhood even better. What would be good to have in the library that would bring people together? Many people of all ages participated in the conversation. The kids who came in from practice and sat with us wanted a candy bar, and a “fun club” - where they just do something fun together like making posters. Frisbee golf is an extremely popular sport in the neighborhood, it would be possible to start with an introduction in the library and then go out on the field and practice frisbee together, social gatherings or game nights would probably be something that people would look for. It would also be important to offer facilities inside the library to rent work rooms and meeting rooms, both for start-up companies and individuals. 

teenagers in the library

There is a lot of fun ahead for the Residents Association and we at the library would like to support their work. It was discussed that the connections with associations such as the sports movement Fram support them in their work, there is an infrastructure and good partners. The library wants to contribute to strengthening the social capital of the Residents Association. Maybe the next barbecue should be on the library balcony?  


More information about our picnics HERE.

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Martyna Karolina Daniel, intercultural specialist

UpdatedWednesday May 8th 2024, 11:57