picnic in spöngin

Pikknikk in Spöngin

This time, Fjölsmiðjan were our hosts and shared delicious food from Italy and Venezuela with all the picnic guests.  
We got an introduction to the cultural heritage of Sardinia and the food the island has brought the world. Sardinian sour dough bread and Venezuelan Tequenos and the delicious green sauce Guasacaca were a few of the foods share with the picnickers.  

someone sitting in the library and eating a group picnicking

We spent time talking and connecting with each other on our common interests and topics relating to the food we shared. The status of minorities within Europe and how smaller communities can support each other by sharing more.
Growing your food and grant accessibility, language exchanges and practicing Icelandic were also among the discussions in smaller group.

More information about our picnics HERE.

For more information:
Martyna Karolina Daniel, intercultural specialist

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