Þátttakendur á vinnustofu

Stofan | Things we miss

Yuhui Li, Zhijing Dengm and Christos Raptis created a place that aims to bridge the gap between our current lives and the cherished memories of our origins. 

We've all come from somewhere, each with our unique stories and cultural roots. Our native languages, the flavors of our favorite foods, and the vibrant festivals we hold close to our hearts are the common threads that connect us to our past. In an era of globalization and rapid technological change, our lives have become more mobile than ever before. We find ourselves traversing the globe for different reasons, often far from the places we once called home.  During the week between 21st until 27th of November 2023, they offered a welcoming and open space for individuals to come together and share the things they miss the most relating to three core themes:  Food, Festivals , and Art. 

Vinnufundur um Stofuna

Sue Gollifer from Faculty of Education and Diversity at the University of Iceland connected the students of that dicipline - Yuhui Li, Zhijing Dengm and Christos Raptis - with the project Stofan | A Public Living Room . Sue as well as Sylva Lamm, project manager Project Manager of Climate Projects - Mayor´s Office at Reykjavík City, gave good advice on the project development during the preparation phase and the think tank of the collaborators of Stofan | New Places to Share the Care.

Below you find an overview of the three places created around the migrating tree at the library.

Yuhui Li - The Foods We Miss

Delve into the flavors of your homeland and the dishes that bring you comfort and nostalgia. Share stories of family recipes, favorite restaurants, and the culinary traditions that define your cultural identity


Þátttakendur á vinnustofu

Zhijing Deng - The Festivals We Miss

Revisit the joy and excitement of the festivals you hold dear. Celebrate the traditions, music, dance, and customs that make your culture unique. Share the moments of unity, love, and connection that these celebrations bring.


Þátttakendur á vinnustofu

Christos Raptis - The Art We Miss

Explore the artistic expressions that resonate with you on a personal level. Whether it's traditional crafts, contemporary masterpieces, or the works of local artisans, we invite you to discover and share the art that has shaped your cultural identity.


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