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Stofan | Climate Café

The Climate Café focuses on well-being, the natural environment, and community buildingStofan | A Public Living Room in the version of Climate Café was open from 2nd until 9th of November 2023. Everyone could join Climate Café workshops lead by Marina Ermina and Marissa Sigrún Pinal on the movement around Climate Café with a reflection on how to connect with the topics of environmental issues, and how to position yourself within struggles relating to the topic on a personal as well as with in associations, institutions and on the politica level. The aim was to create new connections and ways of begin with each other, and in the urban and natural environment.

Þátttakendur á vinnustofu

The public was also welcome to use the place and be inspired by the selection of books and materials on the environment and community care. Marissa and Marina also used the space for conducting interviews for their research with the urban farming association Seljagarður - borgarbýli as well as working with children on environmental awareness and positive relations to nature. 

Learn more about the Climate Café in an interview with Marina and Marissa. The 1st of November 2023 Marissa also gave an interview in the morning radio program on Rás 2 about Climate Café at the library in Icelandic

Þátttakendur á vinnustofu Þátttakendur á vinnustofu

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