Books gifted from the Ukrainian Association in Iceland

The Ukrainian Association in Iceland came by the library the other day with a selection of books in Ukrainian. The books are a gift to the Reykjavik City Library and were handed to us by Lyubomyra Petruk and Anzhela Svarychevska on behalf of the Ukrainian Association.

We are always expanding our titles in all languages and were particularly happy to receive this great gift of books, with children's books, fiction, non fiction and much more. 

Here you can browse through titles in Ukrainian currently available at the library. There is a nice selection of E-Books available from Rafbókasafnið E-Library (read all about Rafbókasafnið here) and there are many titles available at the City Library that are connected to Ukraine in one way or another - see a selection below. 

For those with Ukrainian speaking childen, we recommend this link, with free access to over 70 beautifully illustrated E-Boooks in Ukrainian.

We remind our users that it is always possible to send in a purchase suggestion for any books that you would like to see at the library. We always try our best to grant our users access to the books they call after.